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In New Age Trading we provide to you our signals fully tested for several months before being published. Transparency is our first priority, that's why anybody can see the performance and real-time history of our signals in MyFxbook and that's why we offer 1 week of free trial to try our services without commitment. We have 2 different strategies so far, but we are working on more to offer different products according to your requirements and capital. We monitorize the signals all day, and they take all news to do a safe trading.

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How it works?

Our signal system is fully automated. That means that you don't have to open or close positions, actually you don't have to do anything! You just have to open a trading account in a broker that meets the requeriments for our signals (For more details click HERE), make a deposit on that trading account and install our program. Our system copies the trades that we do in our master accounts to the client's accounts in milliseconds. We will also give you detailed instructions to set up and synchronise your trading account with our system. Just sit down, relax and see how your investment grows!
We will also provide you our exclusive money and risk management strategies 100% free of charge, to have the risk ALWAYS under control even in the worst-case scenario.

Try our Services

We’ve got different forex strategies according to your needs.

Here you can buy our services. Each product has one week of free trial. You can get more information and order your signal subscription by clicking on 'Subscribe now!' button. The image situated next to each signal is a real-time chart of the MyFxbook verification, where EACH transaction that we do is verified by them, as same as the complete history of the earnings. Transparency is the first priority!

New Age Trading® SwingTrading Power

45-200% expected monthly profit

This signal is our newest release, oriented in short-medium term profit with a very low risk. Before making an operation, the system takes data from multiple scenarios, evaluates the hypothesis of price fluctuation and operates in function of the previous trends. We use a fixed Stop Loss and a Trailing Take Profit, and it trades 24 hours per day in multiple pairs. Maximum Drawndown = 35%.

Minimum balance = FROM 10$.

New Age Trading® Secure Profit

40-150% expected monthly profit

This signal is manually operated by our expert traders, focused on medium term profit. It trades on 5 pairs with a great risk/reward ratio to have the maximum profits risking as less as possible, with a fixed Stop Loss and a Trailing Take profit; achieving between 100 and 800 monthly pips. Maximum Drawndown = 40%.

Minimum balance = FROM 10$.

Our Staff

New Age Trading has a fully skilled team with over 10 years of combined experience.

Albert Kuipers has over 5 years of working experience on Forex as a trader. Before his current success, he had to face difficult times with the market, until he found the strategies that are working for our clients now. His work in New Age is to do the daily market analysis, create new signals and improve and monitorize the existing signals.

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Albert Kuipers Forex market analyzer. Signal's creator. Forex master.

Ezequiel Alvarez has over 7 years of working experience on marketing and design and over 5 years of experience with Forex. His work in New Age Trading is to make financial management strategies for our clients, bring support to the people, marketing strategies, advertising and web design.

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Ezequiel Álvarez Financial strategies. Marketing, support and design.

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